Weekly Themes

Week 36: Breads of the United Kingdom

Week 35: East Asian Breads

Week 34: High-Altitude Week

Week 33: Banana Bread Week

Week 32: Sandwich Breads

Week 31: Breads With… Foods

Week 30: Biscuits

Week 29: African Breads

Week 28: Breads With Nuts

Week 27: Try It Again; This Time With Feeling

Week 26: Same Dough, Different Method

Week 25: Beer Bread Week

Week 24: Breads With Vegetables

Week 23: Breads With Fruit

Week 22: Breads With Herbs

Week 21: Gluten-Free Breads

Week 20: Southern Breads

Week 19: French Breads

Week 18: 100% Whole Grain Breads

Week 17: Bread With Mix-Ins

Week 16: Sandwich Rolls

Week 15: Scandinavian Breads

Week 14: Take Two!

Week 13: Filled Breads

Week 12: Pre-Fermented Breads

Week 11: Savory Pancakes

Week 10: Dinner Rolls

Week 9: Flatbreads

Week 8: Crackers

Week 7: American Breads

Week 6: Italian Breads

Week 5: Breads For Parties

Week 4: Savory Quick Breads

Week 3: Breakfast Breads

Week 2: No Theme

Week 1: No Theme

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