…but I have no post for today.  You may have noticed last week that I mentioned I was out of the country; and sometimes flights are delayed, which make you miss connecting flights.  So I have no bread to talk about today, but I promise I will make it up to you on Sunday.  You heard that right: no Monday post this week, but there will be a Super Ultra-Special Mega Sunday post!  Hooray!

And just to make it up to you a little bit, here is a picture of a cat with a heart-shaped patch of fur, sitting on a beach:


…that my sister promptly buried in the sand.  My elder sister.  Good times.


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One Response to Apologies…

  1. Nathan says:

    Special Kitty! It’s important to note that this kitty was not harmed during the production of this picture, in fact, he was purring and kneading in the sand.

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